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star of davidThe purpose of this site will be to offer, free of charge, the wisdom that I have learned as a result of seven decades upon this earth. I feel an inner call to do this since so many people are hurting, and also because my life experiences have been so unique, and painful, and joyful, and liberating. Another reason that I am doing this is that I am a born teacher. I can make complicated ideas seem very simple and accessible. Life has prepared me for this project.

Roughly once every two weeks, I will offer a new “teaching.” I will start with the beginning of evolution on planet earth. I welcome questions and challenges. I only ask for one thing: an open mind and an open heart. Please think about what I say before you react to it. I will always tell the truth, as I see it. I am not an apologist for any institution. I have spent a lifetime discovering these truths, often the hard way. Please allow me to be your teacher. I have nothing to gain in teaching you except to help you to experience the joy and freedom that can be yours.

While I cull material from many different sources, my greatest strength is to communicate the “big picture”. While I am a trained theologian and psychologist, my purpose here is not to get hung up arguing this fact or that. Ask yourself not “Who said it”; ask “Is it true?” Our criterion for determining the ultimate truth of a teaching can be determined by the saying of Jungs’: “The best description of a good theory is one that describes life as it really is.”

I am begging you, then, to help us construct a new narrative that does not argue over theological turf, religious pre-conditioning, or how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

In building bridges between psychology, spirituality, and science, our best tool will always be experience. The head often lies; the body and experience never do.

Builders of new bridges can never satisfy everyone nor should they try to. Fundamentalist theologians, fundamentalist psychologists and fundamentalist scientists will resist much of what is said here. Let them resist! The world needs and is getting ready to embrace a new unified vision of reality. Let the project begin!

4 responses to “About This Blog

  1. I love your blog. I look forward to your postings. Wonderful service to humanity. Virginia


  2. Hey Tom, your blog is quite interesting. I remember the days back at Mt. St. Paul and always thought that you had a great mind for philosophical and psychological thought. I wanted to track you down for years and alas, here you are
    Rick Burns


  3. I’ve been missing one of my greatest teachers, an energy channeled as “Chico” (who finally shared with us that he was once the being known as Gandhi). He would always give me “the bigger picture” of whatever issue was up for me during any given session. I’ve heard myself saying lately how much I miss looking at the bigger picture. So your email about your project is very timely and I look forward to reading the blogs as you write them! Thanks so much Tom!!


  4. All that matters is the big picture. Our inner teacher knows the big picture on some level. These blogs will not be so much about providing new information as reminding us about what we already know. Call this inner teacher our Inner Guru, or Chico, or Sophia or Holy Spirit (those are just human terms). The point is that, if we knock, the door will be opened!


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