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   First of all, I am a child of God. And so are you. All of the rest- our bodies, our personalities, our lower emotions- are temporal and passing.

To the extent that it matters, my passing form has legitimate academic undergraduate degrees in philosophy and theology, masters degrees in theology and spirituality, and a Ph.D. in psychology. As far as I can determine, there is no one else in the United States, perhaps in the world, with this precise academic background.

The atoms and molecules that make up my body are about 13.5 billion years old, the same as all of us on planet earth. My particular, passing form has just completed 72 years.

At this stage of my life, I have no particular ego or material needs to satisfy. I am a happily married man to my partner Paula. My body shows the normal signs of aging. My mind is still relatively sharp, especially concerning unitary consciousness.

I continue to teach at three universities, see a few clients for spiritual direction, and offer seminars and retreats around the world. I do this on a limited basis commensurate with my age and -so far- excellent health. More details about the background of the person who will be writing this blog may be found on my website http://www.tomlegere.com.

Some individuals that have had a significant impact upon what I have learned include Jesus of Nazareth, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Carl Jung, John Sanford, Ewert Cousins, Morton Kelsey, Ken Wilber, Bede Griffith, George Maloney, Thomas Merton, Jean Houston, Roberto Assaggioli, Robert Moore, Richard Rohr and Peter Roche de Coppens. All of these individuals, along with many other men and women about whom I know little, influence our world as it evolves towards the Omega Point.

At the risk of sounding grandiose, let me say it anyway: my incarnation is not the author of whatever truth you may find in this project. The person called Tom Legere is the scribe, a weak imperfect instrument. God, I hope, is the true author of what will be written here.

6 responses to “About the Author

  1. Looking forward to your future scribes on Assaggioli!


  2. I loved having you as my professor at La Salle. Especially enjoyed the country western music.


  3. more of an origen influenced take on the bible..myself


    • Josh, good pun. Origen was a person; most folks probably thought that you meant “origin” and misspelled it! These early thinkers were not literalists. They understood that myth and metaphor are MORE true than literal facts!


  4. Dr. Legere, you won’t remember me but I am a former student of yours from Immaculata and your teaching has deeply impacted my life. I am teaching psychology today at a college and still use much of what you taught me. Thank you.


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