Blog #75: Looking Forward

Dear friends,
Our blog, “The Study of the Soul”, was launched almost three years ago. This is the 75th entry, and a good time for us to take stock of where we go from here.

People from over seventeen different countries have checked in over the years. We have, by God’s grace, been able to sow the seeds of spirituality all around the globe. How those seeds have taken root and have grown is not our concern and is beyond our power to control.
You have had a role to play in sowing those seeds. Some of you have commented on individual postings. Thank you for that. Some have considered what was written and perhaps modified their thinking in some way. Thank you for that. Some have challenged what was written and made me re-examine my thinking. Thank you for that.
One of the things that I have learned is that most young people today seem to prefer learning by viewing or listening, rather than by reading. We can either accept this approach which is somewhat different from many of us older people, or we can risk trying to communicate only on our own terms. I, for one, choose to “die to” my preferred method of communication (writing) and, instead, opt for whatever helps communication with the next generations.
Some of this approach has already begun to be introduced. Perhaps some of you know already know that your humble servant has a website that is entitled There you can access a number of recorded lectures that I gave during my previous incarnation as a member of the clergy many years ago. So there is that.
In addition, yours truly has just begun a presence on Youtube on my own “channel” entitled “Tom Legere.”I have uploaded 19 inspirational talks from my days on television, again from the first half of my life of service, serving in a different way than now.
My next venture will be to vocally record all of my 75 blogs as Podcasts. Hopefully, this approach will help us communicate more effectively with younger generations. When the blogs have been vocally recorded (a big job), I then plan, by God’s grace, to record (perhaps visually at that time), my very latest insights. By then, I should be within striking distance of 75 years of age, a “good run” for this time around.
“The Study of the Soul” would truly have not been possible without the technological expertise and support and patience of my niece, Kate Legere. Your Uncle Tom thanks you, Kate! And my final effort to date, the Youtube channel, is completely due to the brilliance of Mark Schultz, who is a wizard with all things technological.
Thank you, thank you to you my loyal readers for journeying with me so far. If we do not meet again physically before we pass on, I hope to see you on the other side, at the “Great Reunion”, before our souls come back again to continue the only work that matters!

3 responses to “Blog #75: Looking Forward

  1. I will miss your blog , Tom. But I look forward to viewing you on You Tube. I know we will meet on a high consciousness forever. My deepest gratitude to you, Virginia


  2. Tom, Keep on keepin’ on……..and I’ll try to keep up ! Love & Blessings to you. Jane


  3. Striving to keep generative and humble about my limitations at the same time….Brother Tom


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