Blog # 56: A Victim No More

 To a very great extent we are all responsible for the circumstances of our daily lives. This is a bitter pill to swallow for individuals who are so used to seeing themselves as “victims.” But the fact of the matter is that we are almost always the architects of our own reality.

 It all has to do with the way the subconscious (or unconscious) mind works. The subconscious mind is like freshly laid cement. It will accept- without judgment- any impression that is made upon it. Once it has received such an impression- positive or negative- it will relentlessly go about its task of concretizing this message to us in our conscious lives.

 We see it from our earliest days. Some students are clearly almost destined to succeed; others seem to be, and almost always are, on a downward trajectory. There are always some exceptions, but the exception proves the rule.

 Our path to success or failure goes all the way back to our childhood. It begins with the messages that we get at home. Some youngsters are constantly affirmed, told that they can be anything that they want to be, and encouraged to reach for the stars. Other youngsters were not so fortunate. They were constantly “put down”, laughed at, demeaned, and made to feel inferior.

 When these individuals grow up, they almost always play out the injected “tapes”, be they positive or negative.

 Of course, we continue to be molded by people our whole lives. Perhaps we went on to grow up in an environment of negativity. Perhaps we were bombarded by negativity in the messages that we heard. We may have been told things like, “People can’t be trusted”, “You’re too old”, or “You’re too young”, or “The situation is hopeless” or “You can never get ahead in life.”

 When we allow those “negative tapes” to be accepted by our subconscious minds, they have a way of becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. However, our conditioning is not destiny. Our brains are pliable; we can learn a new set of tapes and to play them at a louder volume.

 This involves consciously choosing what now we want in life and sending that message to our subconscious minds. Exactly when and how new circumstances will materialize in our lives is in the hands of God. But they will infallibly materialize. It is a law of the universe.

 I realize that this is a tremendously threatening idea to a lot of us, myself included. When we can chalk up our inharmonious circumstances to bad luck or bad people, then we feel as if we are off the hook. But when we accept responsibility for where we are at in life, and whom we are with, and even what we look like, then we have no one or no thing to blame any more. Whatever we choose to do or not to do, we will always have our orders carried out by our obedient servant, the subconscious mind.


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2 responses to “Blog # 56: A Victim No More

  1. If I learned anything at all from class and your lectures, it was the mighty power of the subconscious & that there is always HOPE with FAITH. “A victim no more” resonates.
    Thank you as always Dr Legere


    • We are each the architects of our own lives, for good or ill. As long as we breathe, the narrative continues to be shaped.


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