Blog# 53: Our Higher Self

 Every true spiritual teacher teaches us, in one way or the other, that we are not who we think we are. In order to find relief from the inner pain caused by living from this False Self, we need to be transformed.

 It is so simple; it is so basic; but it is hardly ever understood by us humans. This includes religious leaders. Like “the blind leading the blind”, religions plod along trying to dress up the False Self and make it somehow acceptable to God. This is not evil, nor is it intentional. It is the best that most human beings can do at this stage of our evolution.

 Jesus, among others, knew the truth and told us that the truth will set us free. When He said “I am the way and the truth and the life”, He was telling us that there is no other way besides “I am” consciousness, the awareness of our own divinity, that will truly liberate us. This “I am” consciousness is the only way to “salvation”, no matter what religion we follow.

 What we have done, instead, is totally distort this clear message. We have taught seekers for more than 2,000 years that only the human person of Jesus was divine. We have made a false idol of Him, worshipping Him like the Golden Calf, when all that He ever wanted, or asked for, was to be followed.

 When Jesus embraced the path of human suffering, He was modeling for us the fact that it is not easy to let go of this False Self. Nailed to a cross that represents a convergence of the horizontal and the vertical dimensions of life, we must “die” to all that we thought we were. I would not wish the suffering of this process on anyone, but I will sing to my last breath about the freedom and joy that awaits those who have gone through this “eye of the needle.”

 The Higher Self is what awaits us, the Self of the Christ. When we rise from the mud, we experience ourselves as “sons and daughters of God” (the most underrated image in the Scriptures). What this means, practically, is a state of consciousness like Jesus had. We experience unconditional love for all creatures, inner peace, joy, creativity, a sense of the interconnectedness of all things, a desire to serve others and a playful heart. If we do not feel this way most of the time, this does not mean that we are bad people. It just means that we have not yet woken up.

 Of course, we cannot live in the consciousness of the Higher Self all of the time. It is wise to remember our zip code and our area code and to keep our eyes on the road when we are driving. But more and more frequently we can easily slip into the awareness of our Higher Self and “know that we know that we know” that we are divine beings.

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3 responses to “Blog# 53: Our Higher Self

  1. Very interesting but I am not feeling very divine today! Took a little respite fro the crazybess here to read your blog and it lightened my load a bit by giving some perspective. Thanks




  2. have had this conversation (usually short 😉 ) with a number of “fundamentalist” As a Christian one is called to be Christ “I am the way …” not to worship Jesus


  3. Not understanding this is the fundamental misunderstanding of Christianity. If we understood what Jesus was saying, it would be a different world.


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