Blog # 51: We Are Not Solid

One of the great optical illusions in life is to believe that we human beings are solid. We think and act this way, even though science has clearly demonstrated that all separation is an illusion. We are not skin encapsulated egos walking upon the earth. We are part of one energy field.

For example, science tells us that we may be adversely affected by the electromagnetic energy emitted by household appliances, transmission lines, electric blankets, short wave radios, microwave ovens, and video display terminals of all types.

The long term effects of this energy bombardment are, for example, that people’s moods and verbal skills may be affected. In December of 1987, a Washington state study, based on 67,800 death certificates, found that amateur radio operators had an unusually high incidence of leukemia, multiple myeloma and lymphoma.

What can we do about this situation? At the very least, if we tried to simplify our lives that would be a good start. To eliminate all of these modern conveniences would be asking perhaps too much. But to at least be aware that actions have consequences seems like a reasonable place to begin.

One practical thing that we can all do is to try to get out in nature a lot more. Taking a walk in the forest is a lot more beneficial than just “getting away from things.” Spending more time at the ocean is another great way to expose ourselves to the healthy energies that “negative ions” provide.

It is no coincidence that retreat houses are frequently located in the woods, or on mountaintops, or by lakes, or by the ocean. There, removed from negative and artificial energies, it is easier for us to commune with God.

The scientific research and inventions of our day have at least produced one positive spiritual insight for us. They remind us that we are not solid and separate and isolated, but are constantly affected by the prayers of those around us even when we are not consciously aware of such prayers. You see, our prayers constitute a kind of electromagnetic energy themselves. Just as power lines can penetrate our bodies, so can prayer. Love, the very basis of prayer, is not a thought or a concept or an abstraction or an ideal. Love is a real form of energy. God is love. God is a real form of energy. He/She/It can interpenetrate us and all things.

Of course, the unity and interconnectedness of all things is “old hat” to the mystics of each and every religion. When they spoke of our oneness, they were not referring just to our social dimension; they were referring to our energetic oneness, the oneness that comes for being a part of one unified energy field.

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3 responses to “Blog # 51: We Are Not Solid

  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Dr. Tom. Happy B-Day and Merry Christmas. MIke B.

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  2. funny the blog will let me post a comment but won’t let me like a blog or comment. When I enter the woods I enter the Cathedral where I feel closest to God.


  3. Nature is, indeed, God’s cathedral.


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