Blog # 49: Only God is God

  What is it that rules our individual lives? Different people answer to  different command centers. People can be centered on their families or their careers or money or pleasure or their friends or their Church or themselves. Or they can be centered on God.

 To be centered somewhere means that all of our decisions are made on certain bottom-line considerations. And not upon others.

 Let us take the simple example of where we choose to live and maybe raise our families. If someone is family-centered, then it is simply inconceivable that they would ever move away from their family of origin. To do so would cause them and others great pain. Even if a big promotion came along, provided that the person would be willing to relocate, the answer is an immediate “No.”

 If the person is career-centered, then it is understood that the father’s or mother’s career choices always come first. If a promotion is offered, it is immediately accepted, no matter what inconvenience there might be to other family members. If the family has to move a dozen times (as might be the case with a career in the military), then the family packs up and moves, no questions asked.

 If you are money centered, the scenario is similar, but you would drop your company or even your career, if money were to be made somewhere else. You are not job-centered per se; you are money-centered. There is a difference.

 If someone is pleasure centered, there is a different bottom line. Usually lacking any values or long term commitment to any one or any thing, one seeks immediate gratification, at all times, in all ways.

 Some people are friend centered. They might perhaps be alienated from their family of origin, but they still have strong ties with new or old friends. Much time and energy and money are spent maintaining these ties.

 Some individuals are church centered. After all, one can achieve a kind of intimacy with church members that one might not be able to find in either family or friends. In such cases, if there is ever a choice to be made between church, family or friends, then church comes first.

 The God centered person approaches things quite differently. Such an individual says to themselves always and everywhere: “Here I am Lord. It is I Lord. I will go wherever you lead me.”

 Of course, a spiritually healthy person considers a lot of factors in making any decision. One would naturally make a list of all the pros and cons about any decision in life. What will be the impact on my family? My friends? Our commitments to others are, after all, part of our commitment to God.

 In the final analysis, though, we all have a final determinant that makes us move in a certain way. If that determinant is the will of God, then our lives will be blessed. If not, then we are worshipping a false idol.

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4 responses to “Blog # 49: Only God is God

  1. Jane Selleck Bush

    So, this is my favorite post. Because it has authentic wisdom and because my personal philosophy totally embraces this principle. If we practice this in every single situation our lives take us, after a time – we will not even have to work at this. It becomes so natural – so second nature, no —— so FIRST nature. Many mystics called it obedience. We bow to the nature of God – the FIRST nature. I just love this. Tom, thank you.


  2. Jane Selleck Bush

    P S – Happy Thanksgiving to All – this post is so appropriate and so amenable to being thankful.


  3. To Jane et. al., the Latin word for obedience means “to listen attentively”. When we listen to the voice of God within us we can never go wrong. Only THAT voice should be followed! Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Have been catching up, last 6 posts, great insights thanks


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