Blog 27 Taking Stock

As we settle into 2016, having circled our star another time on “spaceship earth”, it might be useful for us to take stock concerning our modest endeavor, “The Study of the Soul.”

First of all, thank you to all fellow journeyors who have been following the blog since the beginning or somewhere along the way.

Secondly, a big welcome to a huge influx of followers from The School of Sacred Ministries in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Thirdly, a huge, huge thank you to my niece Kate who has handled all of the technical aspects for her technologically challenged uncle. On behalf of all of us, Kate, sincere gratitude to you!

Slowly, but steadily, the number of people following the Study of the Soul continues to grow. We have thousands of hits from all over the planet. More interestingly are the countries represented. In December of 2015, for example, people from the following countries checked in:











Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, we can plant seeds all over the globe!

You and I pass across this stage of life so briefly, each of us trying to understand (stand under) the Truth. The Truth is eternal. It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. But each generation helps to deepen our understanding of the truth. It is an awesome yet humbling task.

The words from the opera Adriana Lecouvreur come to mind:

“See: I can hardly breathe.

I am the humble servant

of the creative spirit:

He gives me the words,

I pass them on to people’s hearts.

I am only the voice of his verse,

the echo of the human drama,

the fragile instrument

he plays with his hand.

Mild, happy, terrible,

my name is Fidelity:

my voice is a breath

that tomorrow will die.”

May we all continue to speak the Truth, as we perceive it to be, with courage, honesty and integrity! Future generations not born are counting on us!


Next posting: Taking the Diamond Path


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6 responses to “Blog 27 Taking Stock

  1. Very instructive and personally helpful


    • Jung says that the best description of a good theory is one “that describes life as it really is.” When something is true we all instinctively know it; when something does not feel right, we are aware of that,too.


  2. Thank You, Tom, for your sage teachings. I realize how much I’ve missed them over the years. Thank You, Kate, for making the electronic lessons possible. It’s not often I consider the Internet a miracle but in regard to The Study of the Soul, I do believe I have to make an exception.


  3. In gratitude


  4. Years ago, I could not figure out what paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin meant by the “noosphere”, our next level of evolution, which would be characterized by a “global brain” of instant communication. What would this look like in real life? He never lived long enough to see it, but we have. It is the Internet. It can be a powerful tool helping us evolve to Unitary Consciousness.


  5. It is interesting and sometimes depressing to see all the troubles of the world, those that post spiritually uplifting posts and then the divide and conquer of the many political posts. The eternal struggle of Light and Dark with the Universe seeking equilibrium on our little windows to the world and knowing it is just a play.


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