Blog #24: Meaningful Coincidences

One of the very first signs that a person is beginning to awaken spiritually is that they begin to see meaningful coincidences all over the place. It is not that the spiritual awakening causes the coincidences; it is just that we start becoming aware of all of these occurrences that have been happening our whole lives.

Let us take a look at a few randomly chosen examples of such meaningful coincidences. One of my favorites is the story of the golden scarab as told by psychiatrist Carl Jung. Dr. Jung was dealing with a very logical, left-brained, rationalist who was not open to anything that was not explainable by cause and effect. Jung kept hoping that something would happen to put a crack in this woman’s cosmic egg.

One day, this woman was telling Jung about a dream she had of a golden scarab. At that very moment, Jung and the woman heard a tapping on the window. Jung opened the window and proceeded to catch a golden scarab that was trying to get into the room. Jung handed it to the patient with the words, “Here is your golden scarab.” From that moment on, the woman’s paradigm shifted. She now made room for things that are meaningful yet not necessarily logical.

Jung called such occurrences “synchronicity.” What we choose to call them is not important. What is important is that we live in a meaningful world in which nothing happens by chance.

Let us look at some more examples of these occurrences that happen to many people. Jung reports that there are hundreds of documented instances around the world where a person’s clock or watch stopped at the precise moment that the person died.

Another favorite example of mine is when we are thinking about someone and the phone rings and the person about whom we are thinking is on the other line.

Or how about when we are thinking that we need to get in touch with someone and that day a letter or e-mail arrives from the person.

Another “meaningful coincidence” that I run into frequently, both in my own life and in the life of others, is that a person may be dealing with an apparently insoluble problem and they happen to flip open the Scriptures and get exactly the guidance they are seeking. The same thing could apply to picking up a book at random, or being given a book by a friend. So often this book, which in some instances has actually been reported by some to have fallen off the bookshelf, gives us just the direction we need.

Those who are trapped in a rationalistic mindset do not know what to say about all of these happenings. They keep making the point that it is not scientific. The experience cannot be duplicated in a controlled manner in a laboratory, so therefore it is meaningless and random. How do such individuals account for the people who come into our lives, sometimes to be our very partner in life?

As we get older, if we have been paying attention, we start to realize that life is all a “setup.” So much was preordained and even the tough experiences have helped to shape us into who we are. As the great mythologist, Dr. Joseph Campbell puts it, “When we look back upon our lives, it is as if none of us lived the life we planned to live, but all of us lived the lives we were meant to live.”


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7 responses to “Blog #24: Meaningful Coincidences

  1. Love the quote about living the lives we’re meant to live. Certainly feels like that to me.


  2. Great post! I can think of many,many examples that I have experienced and hundreds that I have read/ heard of. Thanks, Carolyn

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  3. I wanted to connect with an old friend but didn’t know how. I received a surprising Christmas card from his secretary [also an old friend]. Spurred me on to start sending out Christmas cards. Couldn’t find an address to another friend but wanted to reach out. Today I received a Christmas card from her with her phone number inside. We talked. Found out this old friend I wanted to connect with in the first place is out of the country and not doing well at all. I went full circle.Not a coincidence at all. Thank you for your thoughts.


  4. Just experienced a host of coincidences and loved you calling it godincidences!


  5. Wow, Carolyn, Jim, Usha and Georg and many others are feeling that, despite its apparent chaos, the universe is orderly and meaningful.


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