The Human Species Blog #7

The Human Species   Blog #7

We like to speak of the human “race” but we are often uncomfortable when speaking about the human “species.” That is because we try to delude ourselves into thinking that we are superior to other creatures that make up planet earth. We are more complex, true, but that does not make us superior to the other creatures on Mother Earth.

In fact, we humans are the “new kid on the block.” We are the newest species and certainly the most immature, but we do have an amazing role to play in creation. It is our “job” to embody each stage of evolution, taking it even further to a conscious realization of our divinity.

In the beginning of our planet, there was only a red hot ball of fire. This fire element is present within us as electricity. We go to a hospital and have an electrocardiogram, an electroencephalograph. Our temperature registers the heat that is generated from within. Too many people in a room cause the temperature to rise.

Over billions of years, the outer twenty miles or so of this red hot ball cooled, producing the minerals and elements of the earth. These elements make up our skeletal system. We are structured of magnesium. phosphorous, iron, calcium and all of the other elements of the earth. If we are out of balance with this dimension, we take mineral supplements. We need them to live.

Over more time, water was formed out of the interaction of the fire and the minerals and the gasses. We humans are made up of approximately 80% water. Without drinking water we cannot live.

   The atmosphere came next. What we breathe is such a delicately balanced thing. We take in oxygen and breathe forth carbon dioxide. While we may be able to live for forty days without food, and as long as a week without water, we cannot live for more than a few minutes without our precious air.

Amazingly we carry within us various stages of biological life as well. We appear to be fish-like creatures in the beginning, swimming around, without breathing, in the salt water of our mother’s wombs. We crawl as babies, like amphibians do. We develop muscles like the animals, reproducing like them as well.

As we saw in the blog on the Sphinx, however, we are more than animals. We can think and know that we know. We can also love, which, for us, is more than mere sentimentality.. This is where we are, for the most part, in our evolution as a species.

However, some of our species have awakened to a divine element as well. If we look at the Cosmic Calendar, based upon a twenty four hour day, Moses and the Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth and Mohammed have all come along within the last six minutes of the Cosmic Calendar. In other words, they have just popped open very, very recently.

Once something has appeared in nature, it will inevitably be repeated. In other words, it is only a matter of time, a very brief time, before humanity begins to awaken to its divinity.

If matter is neither created nor destroyed, then the divine must have been there at the moment of the Big Bang. In the beginning was the Word.

Next posting: Four Great Illusions

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