Mother Earth Blog #6

Mother Earth   Blog #6

Hopefully we have established that :

1) what we call matter is reducible to pure energy;

2) our universe has evolved over 13.5 billion years;

3) life has various forms of complexity, culminating in homo sapiens;

4) all of this did not happen by accident.

Is it possible, then, that the earth itself is alive? Is it possible that the earth is a living organism? Is it possible that the earth is, literally, our mother?

This is a lot different than stating the obvious fact that the earth supports many life forms, each designed to work in harmony with the whole. It is to suggest that Mother Earth functions as a whole, automatically correcting any life threatening imbalances.

The theory that the earth is a living being is called the Gaia hypothesis. Gaia was the Greek goddess of the earth. Apparently, from ancient times, our Greek and Roman ancestors believed that the earth was a living organism.

The formal study of the earth as a living being is called geomancy. At one point, geomancy was the master science that encompassed ecology, architecture, sacred geometry, astronomy, dowsing, music, dance, ritual and cosmology.

Geomancers were people especially sensitive to the energies of the earth. They would get a “feel” about what activities should be conducted at what places. The sites of the great cathedrals of Europe, for example, were all selected by geomancers.

How would something like this work? Geomancers have always claimed that there were certain “power spots” on the earth. At these spots one could sense a greater closeness to “God” and feel tuned into the Divine presence.

The great cathedrals of Europe were all built on these “power spots.” If one were to draw a line with a ruler from one cathedral to another, they almost seem to be lined up in a straight line.

These cathedrals were all built along “ley lines”, six- to -eight foot beams of biomagnetic energy. These “ley lines” all contain veins of quartz or other pyzoelectric minerals. Quartz, in particular, is known for its ability to channel energy. Remember how quartz was used in radios “back in the day?”

These “ley lines” are thought to function almost as the arteries of the earth. The life force of Mother Earth is energy and these arteries serve to conduct that energy.

The power spots along the arteries of the earth were set aside as sacred places. Every major shrine in Europe from Stonehenge to Chartres was built on a sacred spot.

What is the “take away” here for us?

1) the earth is oriented to healing and wholeness;

2) when human beings err (no other species is capable of error), the earth will self-correct;

3) we humans (the new kids on the block) are still in the process of evolving.


Next Posting: The Human Species

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2 responses to “Mother Earth Blog #6

  1. You challenge me to think about stuff. Thanks. I like it.


  2. We are all looking at the same reality, just from different perspectives. Let us keep helping one another see more clearly!


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