Is there a Plan to Life? Blog #5

Some scientists today are still stuck on a view of the world that believes that love and thought and consciousness evolved out of inert matter by coincidence. Sunsets and roses and newborn babies are all the product of chance.

Logic, common sense, all tell us that things do not just happen without something causing them to happen. Cathedrals do not construct themselves. The “David”, by Michaelangelo, did not just carve itself. Some power, some intelligence , must be behind anything that is good and true and beautiful.

The Creationists think that this beautiful world of ours was created by God in six days. The only problem with this stance is that it does not jibe with the best thinking in physics, geometry and astronomy. In other, words, it is unscientific.

Traditional evolutionists, on the other hand, attempt to attribute everything to chance. This means, in essence, that the sunsets and roses and newborn babies “just happened.” That Jesus of Nazareth and the Buddha and Albert Einstein were just random acts of the universe. Need it even be stated that this form of evolutionist thinking leaves something to be desired?

What to do? Be anti-scientific or anti-experiential? Fortunately, there is a “middle ground.” I put the words in quotes because it is not a middle ground in the sense of a compromise but of a higher synthesis.

The first person to bring about a synthesis between the two equally unsatisfying positions was the Jesuit scientist Teilhard de Chardin.

According to Chardin, there is a “radial energy” which is driving all of evolution. Teilhard called this the Cosmic Christ. If you prefer a less religious term , we can call it here a World Soul.

Perhaps it may take a leap of faith to think that there was a “Planner”, but it is hard to dispute that there was a plan of some sort inherent in and unfolding through evolution. This “plan” culminated in the life of Jesus of Nazareth (along with other spiritual masters ). Jesus existed; that is indisputable. And Teilhard reminds us that, according to the laws of evolution, once something has manifested once, it will inevitably be repeated. If there has been one manifestation of a human being with the consciousness of Jesus, others will inevitably follow.

With his synthesis, we can now logically conclude that pure consciousness, some intelligent force, existed before all things, bringing all things into being over 13.5 billion years of evolution. This consciousness moved “down” into the rocks, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom,the human species, and finally became manifest in Jesus of Nazareth. As far as we can determine, humanity is the final product of evolution, Jesus is arguably the finest product of evolution, and future generations are destined to have the same consciousness.

Surrendering to that awareness and daring to allow the consciousness of Jesus to take over our being gives life supreme meaning. The study of the soul, then must make room for this evolving consciousness.

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2 responses to “Is there a Plan to Life? Blog #5

  1. I have long considered myself an evolutionary creationist i.e. in the beginning God was a mass of sentient energy of unlimited power that wished to express itself to experience the wonder that it was/is and the “Big Bang” occurred. Enjoying your blogs, still trying to catch up


  2. Agreed. The latest in evolution is humanity. The latest in humanity is Christic consciousness, to which we are all evolving.


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