Radical Interconnectedness Blog #4

While all of the world has soul, the world differs in its levels of increasing complexity. For example, there is a big difference from the brain of Einstein to the awareness of a rock. Let us examine the various levels of being, beginning with the least complex.

The first level of Being in the world is sub-atomic entities. With an electron scanning microscope, one can enter this fascinating world of dancing electrons that is invisible to the naked eye.

Level two is the organization of matter into molecular structures and so-called inanimate being. I emphasize the words “so-called” because contemporary physics today tells us that everything is alive and changing, even rock formations.

The third level of Being, increasingly more organized, is the world of the plant kingdom. It is clear to all that plants are “alive.” By that, we mean that plants grow, ingest and reproduce. What is less well accepted is the belief that plants manifest the beginnings of intelligent life. However, it seems increasingly clear that plants do respond to our love just as much as they react to our anxiety.

The fourth level of Being is the level attained by animals. Animals have a kind of knowing. For example, a dog may recognize and even have affection for its owner. But an animal, as far as we are aware, does not know that it knows.

The fifth level of Being is that of humans, which lives in both the body and on the level of something that we call spirit.

While we are definitely part animal, and part rationality, we have also been made “little less than the angels.” We, uniquely, are capable of communicating with both higher and lower forms of Being.

Depending on what frequency we are on at any given moment, we can “speak” to the animals, the plants and perhaps even to inanimate matter and the sub-atomic level as well. Witness Francis of Assissi who could speak to the animals. Amazingly, we also appear to have the ability to communicate with higher levels of being than ourselves.

This brings us to the sixth level of Being, the so-called angelic. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and various Eastern religions all speak of these non-corporeal creatures who have never been in a physical body as we know it, but can take on the vestiges of physicality when they wish to communicate with the human species.

The final level of Being, the seventh, is called “God” or one of a hundred other names around the globe and across the centuries. While there are hundreds of religions that all try to attune us humans to this power, the one thing that all religions agree on is that there must be some ultimate intelligence that is responsible for , and behind ,everything that is.

Each level of Being has its place in the universe. One is not “better” than another; each has its own unique function, yet with a similar dignity. A “Higher Power” gives all of creation inherent value, all of life radiating Intelligence and Love.

The study of the soul entails making sense out of how these levels of being interact with one another.


Next blog: Is there a Plan to Life?

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2 responses to “Radical Interconnectedness Blog #4

  1. Mary Ann Coulter

    Thank you, Tom. Years ago I came to the realization that EVERY thing, at all seven levels of being, is essentially energy and therefore interconnected. This realization set me on a path of exploration and understanding that I never would have thought possible for me. I appreciate your blog and look forward to ensuing installments. Mare


  2. Only the human ego, in its arrogance, thinks that we are these separate, distinct, self encapsulated, skin defined entities walking upon the earth!


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