The Dance of the Universe Blog #3

The study of the soul began in earnest with the experience of mystics from all spiritual paths that the universe is not solid. These ancient psychonauts had these experiences without the benefit of modern science, but their intuition turns out to be correct. Everything is reducible to energy and everything is part of the same unified field and nothing ever dies. It turns out that today’s physicists are starting to sound like the first explorers of the soul.

All matter is alive. This is true whether we are talking about rocks or trees or human beings or even corpses. The ancients believed in a form of “animism.”Little did anyone know how close to the truth our ancestors were. All vital systems break down, but the sub-atomic particles of these systems never lose their life. They just separate, find new partners and continue the dance of the universe.

Mystics and spiritual giants of all religious paths have always known that the universe is alive.

The Psalmist says that rocks and trees praise the Lord. The Hindu god Shiva, the god of the dance, whirls about the universe in constant motion. Jesus tells us that “even these rocks will cry out.” The Holy Spirit in Christianity is symbolized by wind and fire, dramatizing the fluid nature of God. While all of the above examples are metaphors, they are all saying essentially the same thing: the universe is alive!

   Most people today are ontologically addicted. They are still trapped in a world of illusion, thinking that money and buildings and egos are forever. That is largely because we have been schooled in outdated physics. The older generation alive today was still taught that things are either solids, liquids or gasses.

Now we know that everything can be reduced to energy. We do not own a house or have a family or even have a body. In fact, there is not even a permanent “us”, except for pure awareness. What we call us is a collection of systems within systems within systems.

Einstein was the physicist who gave us this new vision of reality. In his theory of relativity, he demonstrated that energy and matter are interchangeable. The mystics would say that everything is spirit.

The old model of the universe implied that when two billiard balls bounced off of each other they each went their separate ways. We now know that an “implosion” took place. Each billiard ball gave and received energy from the other one.

We humans are like those billiard balls. We are always having an impact on other people. We do not have to do or even say anything. Just being in the same room with people (or on the same planet) changes all whom are a part of the system.

We are totally free, not even earthbound. We used to think that we were. We were taught in school that “what goes up must come down.” Not so today. We can go beyond gravity. Once our spaceships move beyond earth’s gravitational pull, everything is weightless.

Isn’t anything solid? Doesn’t anything have weight? Yes, the nuclei of atoms are solid. But, before you breathe a sigh of relief and feel that you are rooted again, it should be said that all of the nuclei of the universe could be put into one cup.

What is everything else? It is empty space. This is the kind of thinking that is taking place among the best of the world’s physicists today. No wonder physicist Fritjof Capra says that some of the greatest mystics alive today are physicists.

There is nothing new about the soul, but mystics, some scientists and some psychologists are coming to an integrated understanding of what the soul means.

Next week: Radical Interconnectdedness

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4 responses to “The Dance of the Universe Blog #3

  1. Am truly enjoying this! Thanks, Tom. Will be sharing with my friend, Jennie.


  2. Very well written Tom! Enjoying the blogs.


  3. Blogs are great , and make for introspection of my own soul? Joe Nic!


  4. We are all doing the dance of the universe together! As Henri Nouwen puts it, that which is most personal is most universal. We are all looking at the one Truth together!


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